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What we’re about!?

We are an Energy of Light that are all here to be of Service to Humanity, the Collective Consciousness, to The Beauty Way of Love, Peace, and Harmony for Now and through Eternity.

A list of Health and Wellness Specialists of Holistic Medicine Therapies included on the following page about our team and services.

Contact us if you’re in need of assistance, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, on all levels we are here to help Unify the Spirit. Sometimes we feel we have tried everything to help our soul. There are some beings out there that can possibly help you in another holistic approach that will help your inner light, going to the root of the light.

All Holistic Healers are independently working from this Non-Profit Foundation. This is a landing page to help those more out there in the world, to have access to those aligned with teaching about Omnipresence of Source, through their practices. All of the events/workshops/ceremonies, all donations, energy exchange, and finances go through the person making the event. It is up to them how they donate to The Oneness Circles Foundation through their practices.

We support our team with love, inspiration, encouragement, and gratitude. Through love, knowing, and our obligation to the light, we are here as One, always in all ways, for eternity for all generations to come, let’s draw awareness to consciousness for the future elders, for Gaia, and all those yet to come.